About us


Since its humble beginnings in 1919, based in the Dowidat-family home, GEDORE has been committed to the manufacture and supply of high quality handtools, special tools and tailor-made solutions for safe and professional use in all forms of industry and trade. More than 100 years later the Group has grown to be one of the world’s leading tool brands, and remains under the management of the Dowidat family.


From the 1950’s GEDORE was available in South Africa through direct imports. In 1965 GEDORE Tools SA was established in New Germany, Durban, as a subsidiary of the GEDORE Group. Using South African produced quality steels, this operation has grown into a 23,000m² facility that is dedicated to the manufacture and supply of GEDORE premium products to South Africa and many African countries. GEDORE is recognised as the leading hand tool brand in the markets in which we operate.


In keeping pace with developments in the market, the GEDORE Group has developed into a multi-brand company, with the promise of ensuring that the customer has the right tool in their hand to meet the needs of their individual requirements.


GEDORE: The original GEDORE tools represent the gold standard of quality, performance and reliability. This is why GEDORE boasts a lifetime guarantee, giving you a comprehensive range of hand tools that you can trust to deliver unrivalled precision for as long as you use them.

GEDOREred: Developed as a smart and accessible range, GEDOREred offers exceptional value for money, without compromising on the world renowned quality and longevity of GEDORE.

OSCHENKOPF: Established in 1781 and a member of the GEDORE Group since 2004, “OX-HEAD” is the leading brand of axes and related tools for people in the forestry and carpentry industries.

All GEDORE brands meet and exceed the relevant industry standards for which they are designed.